Commercial Litigation

commercial-litigation Commercial disputes are becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate. Changing regulatory requirements, increased corporate scrutiny, personality conflicts and complex transactions are among the causes. Regardless of origin, the stakes are high, and organizations and individuals look to reduce their risk and to bring such matters to a close in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our firm’s commercial litigation practice encompasses all aspects of commercial relationships, including disputes involving contracts, business and real estate acquisitions, dispositions, dissolutions, leveraged buyouts, construction contracts, leasing disputes, loan defaults, and other financial arrangements. We handle all aspects of commercial disputes – from initial claims investigation to document collection and retention, pleadings, discovery, expert witnesses, trial, and arbitration or appeal.

We have a long record of delivering exceptional results for clients involved with commercial litigation and arbitration. Providing guidance through cases that seek hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in damages, we help our clients prevail at every stage: on the pleadings, at trial, in settlements, and on appeal; and in every arena: trial, appellate, regulatory and alternative dispute tribunals. Our efficient and effective results oriented advocacy skills often resolve cases before they ever reach trial. In fact, some of our biggest successes have been cases where we enabled our client to avoid litigation altogether.

From the onset of a dispute through to resolution, we help our clients make well-informed decisions, and they trust us to guide them through their most significant litigation challenges. Risk management and compliance are key to avoiding disruptive, large-scale litigation. We help our clients implement measures to ensure that, wherever possible, they do not become embroiled in disputes. If a dispute arises, we ensure that they are equipped with the resources, experience and knowledge to reach a prompt and successful resolution.

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