Corporate Law

Corporate Law-Img Clients seeking counsel with a breadth of experience and a thorough understanding of every aspect of corporate practice need look no further. Along with over 42 years’ experience in corporate and transactional law, we bring a results oriented philosophy that helps clients achieve their strategic goals. We work with clients at all levels of development and growth in a wide range of industries to complete challenging mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; resolve crisis boardroom situations; address compliance issues; navigate day-to-day corporate concerns, and develop effective employment and benefits strategies.

We strive to develop an intimate knowledge of our clients’ goals and objectives in order to provide detailed and accessible advice spanning the full spectrum of corporate practice areas. Supported by our deep business acumen and understanding, we offer practical counseling that never loses sight of what best serves a client’s needs and goals while avoiding regulatory and other potential pitfalls.

In addition, we negotiate and draft all kinds of agreements – ranging from stock purchase agreements, asset sale agreements, loan agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, executive employment agreements, equipment leases, construction contracts, joint venture documentation, indemnification agreements, dispute settlement agreements, to advertising contracts. A good contract is the beginning of a profitable business relationship. We draft and negotiate commercial contracts every day. Our preferred approach is to build an agreement from scratch, tailored to the deal at hand, and written in clear and plain English.

Our multidisciplinary practice has also allowed us to make connections with potential investors, financial institutions, professional advisors, consultants, and other service providers that can open doors for our clients in a multitude of areas.

We recognize that the creation, growth and continued well being of your company is of utmost importance to you and look forward to working with you to achieve your long term goals on a proactive, cost-effective and value added basis.

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