About Us

rower statueThis history of my law firm is based upon creativity, tenacity, hard work and a unique combination of legal and business acumen. My commitment to excellence and putting the needs of clients first underpin my firm’s path to success. I have always prided myself on providing tailored, strategic solutions grounded in a deep, continuing knowledge of our clients’ businesses, industries and objectives. Pragmatism and striving to achieve optimum results for my clients have always been the hallmark of my boutique practice.

Our mission is simple and has never varied. We strive to obtain the best possible results in every matter entrusted to us by our clients, whether that matter be transactional, litigation or strategic planning. Our clients understand that their concerns are ours, and that no case or transaction will be concluded until our client is satisfied that every effort has been made to shape the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Our efforts are transparent (statements are carefully itemized), and proportionate to the requirements of the matter with which we’ve been entrusted. In corporate, real estate and litigation matters, we work closely with corporate counsel and interact with digital billing systems and requirements on a continuing basis. Our hourly rates are reasonable, fair and highly competitive to those of our counterpart firms. When representing clients, we carefully craft a fee agreement which suits each client’s needs. In selected cases, we undertake representation on a contingent or partially-contingent fee basis.

At the conclusion of any legal matter, you want to know that your attorney did everything possible to achieve the result that you sought, and you want to know that you paid a fair fee for that effort. We deliver both.